What Do Businesses Use to Keep Track of Sales?

What Do Businesses Use to Keep Track of Sales?

With modern point of sale software, a wide variety of devices can be turned into digitized cash registers. Small to medium sized businesses can convert economical tablets into point of sale systems with software and a few additional pieces of hardware, such as a credit card reader. Larger size businesses and institutions often rely on more robust systems, but virtually any computing system that can run the software can become a cash register. School districts, restaurants, retail stores, pop-up stores, street vendor carts, and delivery drivers all use some type of point of sale system.


The main function of a point of sale system is to record transactions. While the software on the system records the sales, within that software are many sub-functions. Depending upon the type of business, the type of products and services, and the operational complexity, the software can be configured to simultaneously keep track of inventory. The point of sale software can also keep track of the amount of money the register should have at the close of a shift. Liquor Point of Sale Systems, for example, can record how much of each of the store’s products remain in inventory at the end of the day and can trigger the re-ordering of those products once inventory reaches a certain threshold.


Although vendors and suppliers do manufacture certain type of systems branded as “point of sale” or “POS” devices, most computer systems can become point of sale machines. Smaller vendors that rely on delivery drivers and dispatched employees to distribute product to clients can even convert mobile phones into point of sale devices. All in one computers with touch screens, as well as tablets with touch screens, are ideal devices for point of sale functions. Small businesses without the financial resources of larger organizations are often pleased to discover tablets and mobile phones can be economically converted into POS systems.

Point of sale systems are integral to any business that needs to keep track of financial resources coming in and inventory going out. Many POS software applications will run on simple or more complex devices. Touch screens allow customers to submit credit card signatures, select tip options and confirm orders, while also allowing staff to operate the software with minimal computer skills. Point of sale systems are an advantage in many businesses, as they can seamlessly collect data managers can use to identify sales trends and opportunities.

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